Like most photographers, I started using my camera to capture scenes: nature and slices of everyday life that I found beautiful.  As I evolved, I started to focus on unconventional or unnoticed elements ... particularly reflections . . . and capture images that would challenge the viewer’s perception of the world around them.  Now I create the image I want to capture in my head; I then use live models and multimedia techniques to bring it to reality in a photograph that aims to challenge and intrigue the viewer on many levels.  My latest work does this with a figurative element, using the body as the canvas and light as the paintbrush. it is intended to evoke the power of transformation, as there is no limit to what the subject can become.
“Most artists struggle their whole lives to create something new, something that makes them stand out, and never achieve that goal.  With his latest series of work, Emrich has achieved just that, a new take on the photography genre that could cement his place in art history.”
Vincent Harrison, Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, New York City
“Some of the most creative and imaginative photographs.”
Henry Buhl (prominent photography collector and philanthropist)
"This marriage of the corporeal with timeless and sublime works of art allows the viewer to see and understand these paintings, patterns, and garments in a completely new way. These designs and compositions have a human core."   Basic Magazine, Beverly Hills, California
Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, New York (2013-2019)
Macaya Gallery, Miami (2015-2016)
NAC Gallery, Miami & Fort Lauderdale (2011-2013)
Salamatina Gallery, New York (2010-2011)
Basic Magazine feature, Gucci: Clothing Made of Light (Spring 2018)
OOB Magazine feature, OOBeauty (Summer 2016)
The Gloaming Magazine, Artist Interview: Ed Emrich (January 10, 2011) 
The Gloaming Magazine, MONTsurREAL: Through the Eyes of a Stranger (November 2010)
The Gloaming Magazine, Ed Emrich’s World Without Rules (October 27, 2010)
Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, New York City, numerous group shows, 2013-2019
ing discerning eye exhibition, the mall galleries, london november 2018
Scope Art Show, Art Basel Miami, December 2015 (Castle Fitzjohns Gallery)
Macaya Gallery, Miami, Artceleration group show, Art Basel Miami, December 2015
inMotion Photography Auction (annual charity gala), Sheraton Hotel, New York City, April 2013
NAC Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, group show, July 2012
ACE Photography Auction (Henry Buhl annual charity gala), Sotheby’s, New York City, June 2012
Herald Towers, New York City, installation, May 2012-March 2013
inMotion Photography Auction (annual charity gala), Sheraton Hotel, New York City, April 2012
ArtPalmBeach, Palm Beach, Florida, January 2012 (NAC Gallery)
MIA Art Fair, Miami, January 2012 (NAC Gallery)
LMNT Gallery, Miami, Art Basel Miami group show, December 2011
Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, Art Basel Miami, November-December 2011 (NAC Gallery)
Yankee Stadium, delta sky360 suite, New York City, solo show, November 2011 (Salamatina Gallery)
Henry Buhl Collection reception for Artist’s photography, Soho, New York, November 2011
ArtHamptons, Bridgehampton, New York, July 2011 (NAC Gallery)
Wynwood Art Fair, Miami, October 2011 (Salamatina Gallery)
Salamatina Gallery, Manhasset, New York, solo show, September-October 2011
ACE Photography Auction (Henry Buhl annual charity gala), The Waldorf Hotel, New York City, May 2011
Wirth Art Advisory, New York City, group show, November 2010-January 2011
The New York Mercantile Exchange, New York City, solo show, May 2010
250 Mercer Street, New York, installation show, June-September 2008
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